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Canopy Tree Services

Well for those of you that think I was too busy to do anything creative this summer, you're very much mistaken. I may not have been "crafting" but I had/have many creative projects on the go still.

Here is another that I'm finally getting around to sharing... Canopy Tree Services.

I was approached to do a logo for a local Tree Service company earlier this year. A long time family friend has been at this successfully for a few of years now and finally decided to get a logo done. As usual, my response to being asked to help is "Of course. I'd love too."

If you have never watched a Tree Service company work, you really should. This is crazy work! I will recommend Grant to anyone who needs help with trees in their yard or property. It is fascinating to watch, totally dangerous and with the heat we had this summer, exhausting work. But Grant is passionate, knows his #$%&, always smiling and just one of the kindest people I know.

When he approached me to do work on this he really wanted a tall tree with a canopy depicted in the logo. The problem I had with that was that every tree service company seems to use the same silhouette of a guy climbing a tall tree. I wanted Grant's logo to be different.

A couple of back and forth emails and here is the final product.

Oh, and being that I had a few trees that needed trimming and a few that needed removing, I had that done too! Charlie, my Dad and I got to be honorary employees for the day...


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