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Starry Night Mosaic Backsplash

After our kitchen renovation, I said I would do a custom backsplash. The idea of Starry Night hit me like lightning one night. I couldn't shake the idea. As much as I tried to come at it differently to "make sure" I had exhausted all ideas, this image just kept coming back to me; white cupboards with this navy mosaic inspired by one of the most incredible paintings, I knew it had to be done. Because of my ceramic and pottery experience, I decided that I would maintain control over the colours of the tiles by painting, glazing and firing all the 6"x6" tiles myself. I marked the basic lines out on the painted wall and set to work smashing and gluing the tiles. Not exactly a "simple" project. Not exactly as "quick" project. But I kept telling myself it would be worth it.

Beginning of the mosaic tiling over the oven.

Starry Night Mosaic starting to fill in.

Mosaic finished but not grouted.

Just to clarify, I didn't collect plates or dishes to create this. I painted all my own 6"x 6" tiles in Duncan Concepts Underglaze. I then dipped them in a clear coat glaze and fired them. After firing they are shiny and look like regular ceramic tiles. At which point I smashed them in their colour groupings. With a pencil I drew lines onto the wall to give an idea of layout then glued each piece on as I went. Once everything was glued, it was grouted in dark grey unsanded grout. We used way more grout than if you were tile normally! I like how the grey really added a mood to this.

Finished Starry Night mosaic backsplash by Andrea Cook.

Close up of mosaic backsplash over oven. Mosaic by Andrea Cook


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