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Lawn Tractor

Who says cutting the lawn can't be a stylish thing? Last year I had the best intentions to paint our new lawn mower/snow blower. I didn't. lol. Not for lack of wanting too, but once the summer hit, we actually used it to cut the lawn, so that meant I would have to scrub it down and let it dry and paint it before the grass grew again. This summer has been a different story. Since we have next to no grass because of the overhaul in the backyard and the masses of dirt we spread to even things out, we don't have much grass. So one trip to Canadian tire for some Rust/Engine spray paint and a few hours later, we have a SWEET looking tractor.

Charlie loves the "Hot Wheels" lawn mower.

He loves it. I think the best part is watching people's faces when they drive by. Some people have actually stopped and said "Nice Tractor!" I can't wait for the winter when the cutting deck comes off and the blower gets put on the front. It's going to look sweet in the snow! Ha!


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