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Cottage Signs

Anyone who has ever owned or been too a cottage knows those trees you find all along the long, winding cottage roads. You know the ones that have all the cottage owners last names painted or burned or scrolled into them? I have memories of going to a close family friends cottage all the time as kids. In fact, I just talked to one of them the other week and we were remembering the time our family arrived and we gave them a sign for their cottage. There is actually a photo of all us on the driveway from that day. It was before digital cameras or else I would post it. I remember my Dad routing "The Kirks of Sand Lake" into a piece of pine. I also remember the smell (I love the smell of woodworking). So many great memories of that cottage and the time spent there. Well, we were recently invited to cottage this summer. A cottage that we know our friends have been working away at for over a year and bit now. We are so excited to finally make the trek there and see all their hard work. Hmmm, what to take them as a cottage warming (?) gift? Then I thought that they probably needed a sign. My second thought was that between the two of them, they might be some of the most handy and creative people we know, so they probably already have one. Pft. What could I do for them???? Well they have a nice big, black truck that their kids so cleverly named Princess Unicorn. What Dad could say "No" when his beloved daughter suggests Princess Unicorn as a name of his rugged work truck? Hahaha. And so, the idea was born. I just hoped no one had thought to give them a Princess Unicorn Parking Only sign before me!! It's the perfect cottage-warming gift. I found a nice piece of pine, dusted off my old wood burning kit and got to work (it smelled so good). I think it turned out pretty cool. A bunch of clear coats and it was all ready to go.

In the end, they loved the sign. We had a perfect weekend at their cottage and it's a place we hope to visit again soon. After all, I want Charlie to have the same memories of summer that I do. Swimming, laughing, fishing, running barefoot down the rocks to the water and of course, great company. Cheers to memories!


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