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English Phone Booth Closet Door

During our recent reno, we switched out the old flat dark-stained wood doors, with new panelled doors painted white. They really brighten things up. However, this closet door in our hallway never got done. First of all because we couldn't decide whether or not to keep the closet. Second, it's a skinny door and we couldn't get the same style door to match (I don't believe it, but that's what I'm told).

So it's sat as a dark brown door but enough was enough. This door would get stuck so forget accessing towels in the closet while Charlie was sleeping! SQUEEEK! THUD! WOBBLE! Ugh. It's time to fix this.

I've found some really great ideas over the past year on Pinterest and this is one of them. Painting the door to look like an old English phone booth, or for any who watches Dr. Who, there was a lot of blue Police Booths too. Usually it was found painted on a children's closet door, but I applied it to my hallway and think it turned out really well actually. It is like having a big piece of art at the end of the hallway. Plus, we fixed it so it opens properly, so no more tug of war with it!

It was cost effective as we didn't need to buy a new door either. I just primed the entire thing and put two coats of white trim paint on the back and edges. On the front I drew out my design in pencil, referring to a picture of phone booth I found online. I painted the glass in first then did all the red accents. The final part was the words. Once I was finished, I sprayed it down with a matte varnish to protect it from some basic wear and tear. We just used the door knob that was already on there. It doesn't look right, but I have knob on a bathroom door that will be used here once we reno the bathroom. For those of you who have been here, you know the knob I'm talking about, the Gold Nugget knob. It's a work of art all on it's own!

Anyway, I like it. Hope you do too!


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