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Team Murals for Aaron's Room

In keeping with my busy Winter, I was asked by a dear friend to help out in her son's bedroom. Yeppers! I'm in. How couldn't I? Friends are friends, and she has gone the extra mile for me this past year and half or more. You know those people who help you out in hard times and all you can do is say Thank You because there is never really a way to repay them for their help and support? This was just a small way that I could somehow say Thank you to her. She had me over on rough nights, she was a great listener when I needed to talk, she has an amazing sense of humour and no BS attitude that I would kill for sometimes.

She also has been through what I've just gone through and has a son a few years older than Charlie. Having just moved to a new house and feeling a bit of pressure on myself to provide my son with a space to call his own right away, I understood the importance and desire for her to want to give that to Aaron too.

For Aaron's room she decided on a mural. Aaron is die-hard Blue Jays fan. And I think it's safe to say, that ain't going to change. He also loves the Pittsburgh Penguins. To Brenda's credit, she came up with this entire idea. She found a comforter set and it tied the colours together perfectly. These two logos couldn't have worked better across the room from each other. They are primary colours (as we went with the retro colours for the Penguins logo). They both feature strong triangular shapes too. The only point of concern was how big to paint them. Brenda said she trusted me, but she was nervous. I may have freaked her out intentionally by leading her to believe the logos would be 5' wide or it wouldn't be worth it. Hahaha! But I get her being nervous - you hand someone your house keys, some brightly coloured cans of paint and say you'll be home in two days - that could be hard.

In my head I knew this was going to look so sweet though. Sometimes it's frustrating to not be able to show people what I see in my head. Because all I could think was Aaron is one lucky kid. This is going to look awesome! Not just the mural but all the other touches and décor that Brenda sourced out to be able to surprise him with this. Pretty cool.

I was lucky enough to get some help from another friend, Michelle, for the weekend while Brenda was away with Aaron. It was super fun. We spent Friday night tracing the logos on to the wall. And, yes, for those of you who wondered how the image got on the wall, I used a projector. We were back first thing Saturday to lay down a few base coats and again on Sunday to finish it off. We cleaned up and left so Brenda could come home and surprise Aaron. How cool?! I might still be there if it wasn't for Michelle. She was a great help and of course it was fun hanging out with her.

My favourite part of the whole thing was the phone call I got from Brenda when I got home. I know how grateful she is for everything. And even though I haven't talked to Aaron yet (who does owe me a hug), I know what it means to him too from what Brenda has told me. There is a sense of pride for both of them and I'm nothing but honoured to be able to have been apart of it. Because I know what it was like to have Charlie come home and show him his room. To see that stunned look on their face and that sparkle in their eyes. It's priceless. And even if they want to play it cool, you just know their going crazy inside. They feel special and it's just as awesome as a parent to know you've made your kid feel that.

So, here are the pics. Enjoy.


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