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Loving You is My Favourite Adventure Painting

Finished another painting recently. This was kind of a fun project. I knew it was coming last Fall when a friend asked if I would be interested. Of course! Always willing to challenge myself. So, I finally got to it.

The request came because of how I like to combine words into my paintings. My friend, Sarah, wanted me to paint a scenery picture for her friend who was getting married. The painting was to be a wedding gift. She thought as they enjoy travelling, that it would be fun to give them a painting of one of their trips with an inspirational quote about love included some how. Sarah picked a few photos that she thought would work and a sent a couple of quotes she had found. We discussed it a bit more and settled on "Loving you is my favourite adventure".

When adding the words into a painting, I find less is more as it allows me to change the font size around and display the words a bit differently. The picture was of Lake Louise. How could I not? The colour of that water is insane!

I'm really happy with the finished product. It's been a really fun winter with all these painting projects. But I'm already onto the next. I've got a few things up my sleeve for this year.


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