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Peter Rabbit the Turtle

It's been a long time since Charlie has had a cold. Which is especially strange this year as there has been some nasty stuff going around. But, yesterday he woke up with puffy eyes, a runny nose and a dry cough. Poor thing. :( It's so sad when a little one is sick.

I remember one of the first times he got sick and wishing there was something more I could do than Children's Advil and cuddles. We went to Toys R' Us and bought him a dinosaur. Now we don't make a habit of this and he was too young for it to become an expectation, but I just felt so helpless, I had to do something.

So as we sat curled up in bed drinking tea and apple juice yesterday morning, I started to think, this is the perfect day to use my new sewing machine and we will make something out scraps to make him feel better. As I suggested this to Charlie, he got so excited and wanted to make a lizard. A tad ambitious if you asked me. As I was going through things we could make that are "easy" (my sewing skills are limited to mostly straight lines), I thought of a turtle. Perfect. Charlie was on board.

He picked out the material he wanted for the shell and I picked something for the bottom that I knew we had enough of, then away we went. Charlie picked some buttons for eyes which turned out really cute.

All said, it went alot smoother than I thought. We made some adjustments along the way (like now it is a sea turtle, not a regular turtle for fear of not being able to establish what was leg and what was a head).

Anyway, it's done. Not a bad project for the day with a sick kid and cold weather outside! I actually kinda like it and may make a few more to sell.

The finishing touch for any stuffed animal, of course, is a name. This is all up to Charlie. So I asked, "what are you going to name him?" Charlie asked, "What's the name of that rabbit?"

I was confused, so I asked, "You mean like Peter Rabbit?"

"Yeah. Peter Rabbit. That's his name."

So, there you have it, Peter Rabbit the Turtle. I may not be able to make a killer Chicken Noodle Soup to make him feel better, but hopefully this will work just as well.


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