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The Mod Squad Logo

So this post has taken me a while to get up here. I apologize, it's been a crazy spring. We have been going gangbusters outside to get our yard ready for grass seed. It is so great to get outside again after the winter. However, it does mean I don't do quite as much art as I should because I'm very distracted by gardening. This year is particularly exciting because I actually have gardens!

But lets get to this post. I had a request, a little while back now, to come up with a logo for a quilting group. They call themselves the Mod Squad. It's a really cool idea and I'm sort of jealous that A) I can't quilt better and B) I don't have 11 friends that quilt.

The concept for the group is that there are 12 ladies and by the end of year they will have made 12 quilts, one for each person, one each month. So on the first, lets say Thursday, of each month, the group gets together and if it's my month, I get to determine the type of quilt I want. Whether it's a colour theme or a pattern, I can decide to hand out the material or let the rest of the group surprise me. Each member quilts a square and at the end of the month, I get 12 squares back to make my quilt with. It is SO clever and when I saw some of the examples, these women are not just quilting your average patterns, they are doing the craziest, and coolest patterns with incredible colours.

I really can't say enough what a great idea this is, and you can be sure they are not sitting around over tea and crumpets! More like some great wine and apps.

So the name was born to call themselves the Mod Squad. They contacted me to design a logo for them. The logo will be embroidered on to the back of each quilt. Below is the logo I did. It's based on a quilt pattern they showed me called Log Cabin. I changed it around to create the square out of 12 pieces to be in keeping with their 12 members, 12 months idea.

They loved the logo and had a patch embroidered for me as a thank you. I'm glad they like it! Happy quilting Mod Squad!

Mod Squad Logo for local quilting group.


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