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Treehouse Bunkbed

After lots of studying and plan drawing, we finally came up with a cool idea for Charlie's "Big Boy Bed". He is still sleeping in a toddler bed so for Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa said they would get the materials and help build him a bed. We went to work yesterday in the basement and basically finished this masterpiece. It's like a funky treehouse, without the tree. It's got a sewn top canopy and drop down flaps that make him a fort! Charlie didn't know any of this is going on so when he went to sleep, we would sneak down to the basement and work away.

In order to get it assembled in the room without him knowing, Mom and I took Charlie out for a drive, to Tim Horton's his favourite place. Apparently only if you're going to the Drive Thru though. He didn't want to get out of the truck and go in and had, what I would say was, his first huge public meltdown. Not even Timbits could make this better. That's right, not even Timbits. This was serious.

Anyway, after driving around we went home and he got some new pajamas. He knows they should be washed so he went down the hall to put them in the laundry and opened his bedroom door. All four of us were following him so giddy we could hardly stand it. Charlie walked in and froze. You could just tell his was stunned. He turned around to look at all of us, chin to the floor. "New bed for me?" he asked. Yep. Priceless.

And of course the video camera battery died and missed all of it. For the next while we all sat on the floor while he explored his new bed, Lightening McQueen sheets and all.

Thanks Mom and Dad for this gift! It's great. He has slept like a baby in it. Oh, and I love it too now I don't have to be a contortionist to have a cuddle with him in his toddler bed.


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